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“It is often observed that telephonic interviews require considerable persistence and skill from the interviewer’s side. MedField not only succeeded in providing us with such quality service but the timelines of the project deliverables was worth appreciating too.”


CATI - Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews

Professionally staffed by experienced interviewers with native language capabilities, our call center has the capacity for 20 interviewers and is equipped with the latest in computer-integrated telephony (CTI). Extensive monitoring and quality control is consistently carried out by our team of supervisors and managers. Dedicated project managers track progress on every project and update with regular feedback. Our telephonic interviews are conducted via .net and our programmers work on a 24-hour schedule to deal with any unforeseen issues, ensuring that questionnaires are delivered to respondents as the client intends, as well as providing a full range of tabulation services in a clear, easy-to-read formats.