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“MedField is truly an expert in making web-based surveys a success even in rather complex geographies. We are more than satisfied with the quality of research and not to mention the impact that such analytical data has on dozens of our strategic decisions.”


Our telephonic interviews are conducted via .net and our programmers work on a 24-hour schedule to deal with any unforeseen issues, ensuring that questionnaires are delivered to respondents as the client intends, as well as providing a full range of tabulation services in a clear, easy-to-read formats.

Online Interviewing

As the Internet has become an everyday tool for most respondents, online interviewing is increasingly effective. The online method offers the benefits of fast data-collection turnaround along with potentially large data volumes.

WAPI – phone/online

Combining the tried and tested methodologies of telephonic interviewing along with the speed and efficiency of the internet provides clients with a unique solution to fit their requirements while guaranteeing the same high standards of quality, we have always maintained.