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“Many congratulations to MedField’s moderating team. The actionable insights, astute translations and sophisticated transcription services that we received from this team surely call for this truly deserving testimonial.”


Our moderator used to obtain detailed insights & personal thoughts of the respondent, flexible & unstructured but usually with an interview guide. The main motto of our moderator is to probe informants motivations, feelings, beliefs. creating relaxed & open environment for the respondents. Our moderators are expert in managing flow of conversation with correct wording of questions & orders are determined.

Why our IDI Moderators are better?

  • They always put question indirectly and informatively.
  • They always remain detached and objective.
  • During an interview, our moderator do avoid questions and questions structure that encourage 'yes' or 'no' answers.
  • Our moderators always probe until all relevant details, emotions and attitudes are revealed.
  • During interview our moderator always provide an atmosphere that encourages the respondent to speak freely, yet keeping the conservation focused on the issue(s) being researched.
  • We understand that “Depth interviews” involve a heavy time commitment, especially on the part of the marketing researcher. Interview transcripts have to be painstakingly recovered, if they are to be accurate, either from the interview notes or from tape-recordings of the interviews. This can take many hours of often laborious work. The transcripts then have to be read and re-read, possibly several times, before the researcher is able to begin the taxing process of analyzing and interpreting the data.
  • Our experienced team of professional moderators support your need to get one-on-one with your existing or intended target respondents to help you better understand perceptions, needs, wants, desires and intentions. We are able to get at the emotional reasons “why” or “why not”. Our ability to integrate IDIs as part of your multi-modal study design is very keen; we understand the benefits of approaching your information gathering from different vantage points. We work with clients who want to select particular participants from a larger base, such as Focus Groups or Central Location Tests to dive deep into their thoughts and ideas.