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Healthcare Landscape Information

To help our clients’ in the pre-planning stage, we would like to share our Healthcare Research Fieldwork Experience. No matter the region, specialty, therapeutic area, or preferred methodology, MedField’s Healthcare Research & Fieldwork Experience provides the deepest, broadest, and the best information on …..

Tips on Research

  • Methodology
  • Study Area
  • Sample Structure
  • Reporting

Healthcare Provision

  • General Overview
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Payers
  • Healthcare Service Infrastructure
  • Key features & challenges

Other Useful Info

  • Holidays in that particular country
  • Key Metropolitan Areas
  • Basic Etiquette

Consumer’s perception and their view point for different products & services they use vary significantly. There is also variation in responses from the individuals spread across different geographies. For the purpose of conducting research in the most efficient and meaningful way in any given country, proper country specific background information provides solid foundation for that particular study. This background information includes enriched knowledge about Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Infrastructure, Key Features & Challenges that could project itself during the course of study under consideration, e.g., Diabetes Conference organized at one specific time or Government Holidays coming in the middle of study of interest may require flexibility in timeline.

MedFiel, being Multi-Country Healthcare Research & Fieldwork Service Provider, has successfully completed several studies , Hong Kong, China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, Turkey. These studies covered more than 26 therapeutic areas and a range of target respondents including KOL, Physician, Super Specialist, Patients, Purchase Manager, Lab Director, Pharmacists. Having 11 years’ of experience in Field Management, we believe in leaving no stone unturned and hence, we follow strategy based country specific approach in order to achieve the client’s objective through Country Capsule. These Country Capsule are prepared based on the studies we completed in that specific countries along with secondary research.