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“It was an elevating experience to work with MedField’s management team as they displayed certain very unique business practices. Their ‘Win-Win’ Style negotiation skill and the uncanny ability of crafting mutually beneficial business agreements led to some of the most efficient outcomes we have achieved so far. This type of intangible client service is hard to encounter in today’s erratic market landscape!”


Healthcare Director

Over 11 years’ of experience in business development & field management.

This balance enables Sundeep Solannki to be particularly sensitive to the requirements of our client. Being at the forefront of business development, his belief in establishing and deepening strong personal client relationships, addressing innovative and strategic research challenges with deep commitment to work has qualified him as the most preferred choice of clients . His involvement in the early development of quality assurance for research indicates quality standards are high on his agenda.

He has particular in-depth knowledge of customers’ requirements & people management. Leading the organization by overseeing the policies, objectives and initiative, gives an impetus to surge forward in the desired direction by mentoring Fieldhead / Managers. Soliciting RFP’s from desirable prospective clients and writing proposals for new business culminating into planning and presentation sessions is his forte.

Dr. Sujay Prabhu

MBBS. M.D. (Psychiatry) from University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine.

  • His involvement in our Healthcare Research studies ensures complete understandng of Project details at Field level.
  • Well connected with the Other Specialist; Super-specialist to consult on any issues related to Medical System/Healthcare System.
  • He is also heading the Core team of Doctors from various therapeutic area, who had agreed to advise us on any project umderstanding issues within 24 hrs of notice.

Dr. Sujay's involvement gives support in diverse topics but some of the frequent ones are:

  • Drug Brand/Generic names.
  • Medical specialties which treat certain conditions.
  • Accuracy of translations/insight into phrases/terms translated which may not be accurate for each country.
  • Academic Medical processes and qualifications for physicians.
  • Vaccination policies.

Dr. B.Sesikeran

Dr. B.Sesikeran Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad

  • M.D. Pathology, Gandhi Medical College, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  • MBBS, Stainley Medical College Madras University.
  • He has been involved with major research areas of Nutritional Pathology, Toxicology, oncology, sub-areas of Diet and Nutrition, Cancer and Apoptosis with forty eight publications and one chapter in the text-book of Dermatology.
  • His involvement in research fields such as Pathology, Toxicology, Oncology and Nutrition adds up a competitive advantage to our research on the relevant fields.
  • His knowledge and support helps us to carry out niche researches as well as to widen our collaborations and parternships.
  • His overviews and suggestions help us in the development of innovative tools for the process of effective data generation and analysis in relevant areas.

Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti

Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti Acting Director of NEERI, India scientist and Head of Biotechnology Division of NEERI

  • Doctorate in Biochemistry from Nagpur University.
  • He has worked in the areas of toxico-genomics and proteomics.
  • He is recipient of many awards and honours including Pitamber Pant National Fellowship Award conferred, Govt. of India, Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences, selection as the Country Head, he is the one of our esteemed advisor in the field of Biotechnological studies.
  • His knowledge as well as association with the international biotechological agencies provide us strong base to carry out research in the relevant areas.

Dr. Laxman P. Shrivastava

Dr. Laxman P. Shrivastava Scientist F & Head, Pesticide Toxocology Divison, Indian institute of Toxicology Research,India

  • Ph.D in Chemistry from University of Kanpur, India.
  • Higher level diploma in S&T from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, India
  • He is the life member of various prestigious medical and healtcare societies in India such as Society of Toxicology and Society of Biological Chemists.
  • His knowledge and experience in the fields of Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology give us strong insights of the projects in the corresponding fields.
  • He helps us to connect with the Specialists in related areas of the Healthcare and Toxicology.
  • He along with his colleagues is well connected with us and are always ready to give advice on our projects.